India’s stand on emergency in Maldives

With unrest in Maldives, it is vital for India to wait cautiously and take a strategic decision.

Yameen, current leader has declared sudden emergency in Maldives, with fear of loosing government elections. This started creating ripples eventually leading to unrest between China and India. The current government under Yameen has become a close ally to Chinese for past few years. China has been investing big time in Maldives with the moto to gain its military presence in Indian Ocean.

india china flag
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The opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed who has been in good terms with India, when in power until 2012 is pitching his voice against the sudden emergency. Other opposition leaders like Abdul Gayoom were also arrested and there is increasing revolt. Opposition is now requesting India for its military intervention like in 1988. Any step towards bringing its  military, India would lead itself to a direct conflict with China

China on other side has two extreme choices to make. Either support current government or support democracy with proper elections. Supporting government with current emergency situation would only give advantage to countries like India to bring in their Military in opposition and loosing its global support. On other side, supporting democracy and facilitating elections could also risk dethroning the current government from power and indirectly helping India to gain its control back.


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