India’s strategic win at UNSC

Inspite of slight tense situation created by our strategic partner Britain, India is able to convince United Nations Security Council that the situation in Kashmir is normal and there is no need to assume any panic.

(Source courtesy : Wikimedia Commons)

Nearly after 54 years, UNSC has Kashmir as a topic of discussion. This meeting was called up by permanent member China and its ally Pakistan claiming havoc in Kashmir after revoking article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan has earlier wrote a formal letter to UNSC for a meeting on Kashmir. UNSC declined an open formal meeting but agreed for a meeting close doors where all the details are not to be made public.

With China backing its move to bring in Kashmir as an international dispute, Pakistan made a final attempt to get US buy-in on Friday. However US, Britain, France and Russia has ruled in favour of India saying Kashmir remains a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and this cannot be ‘internationalized’.

An anxious moment raised when Britain agreed China’s proposal that an informal outcome to be notified through UNSC president. This could mean that a statement be issued on Kashmir’s situation by UNSC. However eventually 4 out of 5 permanent UN members denied any intervention on Kashmir. India has been appraising the circumstances and on going normal situation to 5 permanent and 10 non permanent members from the day article 370 was revoked


US Shutdown

This is on the US ‘shutdown’ and the impact on other countries.


  • America’s biggest export is war!!!
  • US regularly interferes with domestic affairs of other countries.
  • US partly responsible for the inflation in India
  • For now the crisis is averted.
  • If crisis arises in US, rest of the countries go in to crisis. Why?
  • Is there any way to downsize Uncle Sam?

uncle sam


  • America aggressively interferes to put it mildly in the internal affairs of other countries as it has done in Vietnam, Iraq Afghanistan etc.America’s biggest export is War!!!
  • When US economy sneezes the world catches dengue. This is very true as US regularly interferes with the domestic affairs of other countries even when it has no conscious intention of doing so.
  • The slowing of the Indian economy and fall of Indian rupee against dollar – which resulted in increased inflation is partly due to US policy decisions regarding economic mess it has created for itself
  • For now the crisis – Shutdown is averted by a deal between democrats and republicans in Washington. But how long? Any crisis, which arises in US, is crisis for rest of the world? Is there any way to downsize Uncle Sam?

Reference “US Creates problems to world like an overgrown teenager with Attitude – Downsize Uncle Sam” – by Jug Suraiya, Times of India, Page 18. 23rd Oct 2013